Retirement law

With the general population living longer it has become necessary for people to plan for their retirement more than their parents or grandparents might have done.

Greater wealth through rising property values and medical issues that come from living longer mean prospective retirees face more complex issues. This requires good, clear and understandable advice.

Bruce can assist with:

  • Wills & Estate planning : directing what will happen to your assets
  • Enduring powers of attorney: entrusting someone to look after your affairs and well being when and if you are no longer able to make such decisions
  • Appointing a guardian: if enduring powers of attorney have not been set up then it might become necessary to apply to the Courts for appointment of someone to take over your affairs.
  • Retirement village schemes: guiding one through the different types of retirement village schemes that are available and explaining the rights and obligations that affect both the residents and operators.

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