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Bruce Stuart at Border Law in Clevedon, South Auckland is an experienced New Zealand immigration lawyer and can assist with all classes of visa including: Visitor, Student, Work and Residence.

We will provide a free initial interview to assess the your circumstances and if we do not believe you will qualify, will advise you on exactly why.

Immigration to New Zealand is now a very desirable aim for many migrants; the most common problem is finding the right immigration adviser. New Zealand immigration has in the past suffered from many unsatisfactory advisers. Much of this was cleared up with licencing regime introduced in 2012. However, the quality of the advice given is still in some cases questionable and I still see cases where applicants have no chance of receiving any kind of visa but are being told that the adviser can “help” them.

We will provide a free initial interview to assess the client’s circumstances and if we do not believe the candidate will qualify, will advise them exactly why.

Find out if you are likely to get a NZ Visa

Use these simple points to evaluate your chances of successfully obtaining a New Zealand residency.

There are a number of categories of residence available, which may be applicable to your situation.

Investor categories

Category 1 – If you have more than $10 million dollars to invest for up to 3 years in NZ.

Category 2 – Requires that you have $1.5 million dollars to invest in NZ plus $1 million to cover settlement funding (costs such as purchasing a home etc).

Entrepreneur category

This category requires that you are able to invest at least $100,000 to purchase or establish a new business in NZ, plus working capital. You will need a solid business plan showing the viability of the business and how it would benefit New Zealand. An Entrepreneur work visa would be granted to establish the business then, if successful, residence may follow.

Skilled Migrants

NZ is looking for highly skilled people who can bring their skills and experience here in return for which they may be granted residence.

If you have qualifications and work experience relevant to the qualifications, together with a job offer in NZ then you may be able to obtain residence. This is an invitation based category for people who can demonstrate a certain level of points for the various relevant skill and qualification factors. To assess your likely points score, you can use this tool on the NZ Immigration website.

Partnership category

If you are in a long term relationship or marriage with a NZ partner then residence may be granted. You must demonstrate that you are living together in a long term relationship (at least 12 months) that is genuine and stable.

There are several other categories relating to retirement, parents of NZ citizens and dependent children of NZ Citizens. These are less common, and will need legal advice on a case by case basis.


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Bruce Stuart has handled my legal affairs for twenty years. What I like about Bruce is that he is knowledgeable in the realities of life, business, politics and culture. His savvy business and legal skills are what we all want to see in a lawyer and without a doubt, he is normally the most prepared person in any room.

Craig Hunter

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