Franchising Law

Business risk can be reduced considerably by taking a franchise because it is (or should be) a proven concept. However, that doesn’t necessarily follow as there are some franchises that are poor businesses models.

One expects that the franchise agreement will be heavily weighted in favour of the franchisor but to be sustainable, it must be fair to the franchisee also. This means that it’s vital the prospective franchisee has some experienced advice as to what is in the agreement and how it can affect them in the future.

Bruce has had 3 years as a master franchisor and a franchisee in multiple legal jurisdictions. He has “talked the talk and walked the walk” on both sides of the franchise fence. He is very well experienced franchise lawyer and can  guide you through what can be a minefield.

His services include:

  • Advising on the franchise agreement
  • Guiding the franchisee through the entry process
  • Dispute resolution with the franchisor or franchisee
  • Advising business owners on how to franchise their business

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Bruce Stuart has handled my legal affairs for twenty years. What I like about Bruce is that he is knowledgeable in the realities of life, business, politics and culture. His savvy business and legal skills are what we all want to see in a lawyer and without a doubt, he is normally the most prepared person in any room.

Craig Hunter

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