Partnership Visa Success Story

I have had several clients with problems similar to this story. Often the client is overstaying, working unlawfully but has got into a relationship with a NZ citizen.

Ake was a Samoan and he had been living in NZ for 6 years. He was working in the belief that he had a work visa. Unfortunately, he had fallen into the clutches of an unlicensed immigration adviser who repeatedly assured him that his work visa was under control and kept taking his money for her services. He was an easy going fellow and did not question her.

He got into a serious relationship with a NZ citizen and they wanted to travel. His passport was with the adviser who, not surprisingly, couldn’t or wouldn’t produce it. His partner became suspicious and quickly established that he in fact had no visa at all.

They came to me and I advised them their only option was for Ake to leave the country. As they had been living together in a genuine relationship they could apply for residency immediately. But not while he was in NZ as an overstayer.

So, Ake obtained a replacement passport and returned to his home country. We immediately lodged an application for residence. His partner went up for two holidays then moved there. They lived together and both worked there for 8 months while they waited for the decision on their residency.

The application was successful and they are now both back in NZ and happily married.

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